Just click “Start“, and begin making your solicitor checked Will online.

There is no obligation to pay anything until you are satisfied with the content of the Will.

Once started, the interactive software will lead you through the process of making a Will in a simple and perfectly logical way.

When you click start, you will be guided through the following stages to make your very own last will and testament (you may break off and return at any time as all your Will information will be securely saved):

  1. Register
  2. Make your gifts
  3. Use the help buttons or put any questions to a Solicitor
  4. View the summary details of your Will, and amend it until you’re satisfied
  5. Enter credit card payment details, and submit your details
  6. The Will is checked by a solicitor (allow a maximum of 5 days, although we aim to be much faster)
  7. You’ll receive it by first class. Sign the Will and store it in a safe place.

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Solicitors fees
The Will Site caters for straight-forward wills only. Should your will be more involved, you will need to engage a local solicitor. See our separate website for advice on Solicitors fees.


If you have problems while making your Will or with the site generally, or if you forget your password, or if you have general or press queries, call our Will making helpline on +44 (0)20 3287 6504. Note: this helpline cannot answer questions on legal matters. Legal questions should be typed in the spaces provided on the interactive forms and will be dealt with by a solicitor.

Paying for your online will