It is advisable to get out your Last Will and Testament to check it occasionally because:

  • An existing will may contain a legacy that has been distorted by inflation
  • Your circumstances may have changed since you wrote the last will – this  includes getting married or divorced where a will can become partially invalidated
  • An existing will may contain a gift to someone who has died
  • Some people may be left out – for instance a new grandchild or a new close friend
  • An existing will may refer to an executor who may have died, or who may no longer wish to act for you. (Nominating a firm of solicitors as joint executors is a safe-guard.)

Note: An existing will can be updated using a codicil, or by re-making your will. It is usually better to re-make your Last Will and Testament.)

So give it a try now – just click here to start to make a Will.