The Will Site uses advanced ‘virtual interview’ interactive software that brings a Solicitor’s expertise right into your home. You get a solicitor-backed service, and save on your solicitor’s fees.

Many online Will-making services merely ask between 20 and 40 standard questions on which to base a Will — a document that is possibly the most important one you will ever write. The Will Site is completely different.

With a bank of over 2,800 questions to choose from, the will making software will decide which questions it needs to ask you based on your circumstances and answers to previous questions. The program itself was written by solicitors, for solicitors – so they’ve left no stone unturned. While making your Will you can also make comments that will be reviewed by a solicitor — free.

The software has an impeccable pedigree — variants of this will making software have been in use by UK high street banks, top insurance companies, solicitors and by the public in the UK and other countries for over 15 years.

Who are we?

The Will Site:

The Will Site aims to make a market-leading quality of service available to every web-user. The Will Site introduces clients to Enterprisexchange Ltd who make the Wills which are fully checked by qualified solicitors and members of STEP (the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners).

The Will Site was initiated to enable charities to make their causes known to will-makers, and aims to inform clients of the benefits of legacy-giving – to themselves (such as tax benefits) as well as benefits to the causes that they might support.

Enterprisexchange Ltd:

Software developers and solicitors: provide the software and Will-making services. Address: 29 Westmoreland Terrace, London SW1V 4AQ. Tel +44 (0)20 3287 6504.