The Will Site offers a complete online service for writing a Will. Making legal Wills is now easy. All Wills are reviewed by a solicitor. And unlike other will-making websites, we won’t annoy you with high-pressure phonecalls.

Just answer our make a Will questions online and we’ll write a legal Will for you. Before committing yourself, we’ll show you a summary of your Will online – with absolutely no obligation to buy. A solicitor checks all Wills – and will answer your questions by email or telephone. When you’re happy – we’ll send your bound Will by post, as well as being available to download. It’s that easy – simply click here to make a Will.

6 reasons to make a Will with us

  • Solicitor-backed service at guaranteed lowest price
  • Use the software the solicitors use
  • All Wills are individually checked by a solicitor
  • Posted in 48 hours
  • Try it in your own time, no appointments
  • ‘Save it and return’ feature


Real-time Will making. Real solicitors uses the UK’s leading web based Will writing technology and Will services provider. Writing a Will has at last been made simple. We’ve cut the legal jargon and we tailor each question to you as we learn about you. You can log off and come back to amend it as you wish, and there are help notes on making a Will along the way.

But unlike many online Will making sites, you’ll know your Will has been checked by a qualified solicitor. Don’t settle for anything less.

More than anything, you will have the peace of mind that everything will have been covered. So give it a try now – just click here to start to write a legal will now.

Will pricesSingle Wills – downloadable £34.95; printed & posted £59.95; Mirror Wills (couples) £89.95